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Elias Teh


Restock please!

A great fit and super comfortable whether you are wearing it to workout, chill or heading out. Highly recommended with excellent customer service. Please bring the black tee back!

Comfiest shirts ever, you won’t want to wear anything else

The classic tees have quickly become my most frequently-worn shirts both in and outside the gym. The newer designs are also super fun. I have pretty much stopped wearing anything else at the gym and in my leisure time. I especially love the oversize look by getting a larger size for my female frame. Can’t wait to purchase new colors and new designs.

THE CROSS Army green
Christopher Sze
Awesome feel and comfort

Best comfortable and feel all weather wear

Great quality!

Bought a shirt to support a friend but was really surprised by the comfort and quality of the shirt. One of the most comfortable shirts I've worn weather for working out, or just as casual wear. Really loved the shirt and definitely going to purchase more designs!

A reliable and prompt seller. 👍

Seller responded promptly and delivery was arranged immediately. Quality was better than i had expected too. I will definitely order more in the near future.


Super good material for any type of workouts! Really flexible for any sport and cooling overall a very comfortable shirt even for just going out.
100% recommended


High quality t-shirt, fits well and is very cooling to wear. Looks good and suitable for exercising in. Will recommend!

Outbox Classic T

Good material use for the shirt. Really comfortable to use for daily wear or during workout


Very good quality- definitely recommend

Great tee

The size fitting is spot on and the material is very soft and comfy.Even when you’re sweating, the tee handles it very well. Great for casual wear as well as for working out 👍🏻

OneDee MDNoor

Love the design and the quality of the shirt;

THE CROSS Army green
Khairizal Azman

Goood quality

Great quality. Suitable for both exercise and lifestyle wear

Great tshirt. Bought both the black and white, very comfortable for exercising, but also a stylish basic tee to wear out on the weekends.


True to size, great fit and comfortable!

Light weight cooling material

Great to have introduce to outbox tees it has been great wearing them thus far! Kudos to finding such cooling material that doesn’t stick to the body when u perspire… overall it’s a yeay!!

Top quality gear

These shirts are the business. Heavyweight, high quality, great logo. Suitable for sparring to shopping on Orchard and everything in between. Ok, I can’t outbox as stylishly as the brand owner, but I can at least pretend by purchasing the gear! Have 4, will get more.


Bought myself the black t shirt. Quality is good. Printing was simple yet attractive. Price is affordable. Overall good buy. Will recommend to others and cant wait for the new design. Keep up the good work outbox!


The t shirt came in a ziplock that helped the shirt stay folded. The feel of the shirt is so smooth and soft. This shirt has easily become my favorite. So you can say this shirt is very very comfortable. This is the type of shirt you can confidently wear to go out and also to the gym or runs. Love the simple design. Easy on the eyes. Loving the fit but I'm a growing baby so hopefully in the future there'll be a bigger size. Recommended.

I was very surprised at the amazing quality

I got this t-shirt thinking it would be just another regular t shirts with a print on it. The print looks really cool and minimalist don’t get me wrong, it’s the reason why I got it in the first place. What caught me off guard was the quality of the t-shirt, it’s unlike any other t-shirts I have, it’s soo comfortable. The blend of cotton is just unique, not too thin, not too thick, soft after many washes yet still firm. It feels better than my Lululemon shirts tbh. I regularly happily rotate between my two t-shirts out these days. Very happy with my purchase.

Absolutely love it!

Bought these twice! Superb quality t-shirt made from Pima cotton which stands out from the usual, the design is very versatile and stylish at the same time - be it for sports, a nice day out with your date or smart casual with a blazer over it for work. Definitely money's worth and love the sleek and clean branding ❣️

Chin Fang
Outbox Avobox Beige Tee

Imprinted on the back of the Outbox Avobox Beige Tee is an outstanding “avocado” boxer crowned within the branding motto inspired by the founder’s boxer heritage, “Outwit, Outbox and Outlast”.

The cotton fabric composition of the tee is comfortable and of a thicker material than that of the Outbox T-shirt (Black/ White).

I find the design stemming towards a stylish casual vibe infused within an apparel apt for classic streetwear that is also suitable for a refreshing quick workout after hanging out with your friends or families etc.

The quality material of the tee does not lint or fluff after wash, however it does shrink alittle after laundry, so one might consider choosing one size bigger for a looser fit.

Definitely a good purchase to add on to your wardrobe of stylish lifestyle wear.